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Haratu Shinie stopped at the interstection and looked up at the advertisement, the glare of the ancient technology still instilling a feeling of attractiveness, as if a fish to a shining lure or mutant rat to the promise of meat. While Haratu dealt in such technology from his business, he was no supporter of those that used it to spout their heroic drivel across the island of Enterra. Tales of men and women who had fought back the evil that resided outside of Continoma's walls, oppressing the past that had all but wiped humanity from the face of the planet. A future of strong individuals that built a world of peace and harmony. Haratu was such a hero. A man who had fought to maintain the future of Continoma, a man who had driven back the evil that spawned in the darkness and ran over the helpless, a man who had chosen to sacrifice humanity to protect humanity. It sickened him.
He continued through the busy streets, weaving between the majority of Asians that populated the streets of Eastern Gardens he was unique with his caucasian colouring and untanned skin. Still, haratu knew who to avoid, stepping aside for the men in black cloaks that strode with a sense of ownership. The eyes of the bodyguards sweeping over him with apparent disinterest, Haratu stopped and bowed his head slightly at the white haired man that walked amongst the group. The steps stopped, almost unnoticable on the busy street. Haratu keeping his head bowed, made an effort not to smile.
"Mister Shinie?" a voice asked, the old man sounding much younger, possibly due to a deliberate aged clone.
Haratu stayed bowed, knowing the question was not to be answered.
"I have heard of your recent business actions in my territory and were suprised you had not contacted me earlier."
Haratu bent up, his face stright. He stayed silent.
"At first i suspected you were operating for Continoma, or worse, for my opponents," the man paused, contemplating on this idea as if humourous, "However my spies say otherwise, suggesting you might be an independant faction."
"I am a business man," Haratu suprised himself by answering before asked, he decided to continue, "I am against no-one but myself and support no one but my allies."
The old man smiled, "And who are your allies?"
This time haratu smiled, knowing he had the upperhand, "Those that buy my products."
The man laughed, "Haratu, we need to talk then, I have been seeking some items that I hear you can provide, the hard metallic type that hurts."
"I am sure my business can become yours," haratu bowed his head, knowing that with the action he was signalling that he was accepting future contact, "My tele-screens are of the highest quality and hurt very much when they fall."
"So I hear," The old man turned and his body guards continued walking, scanning the crowd diligently.
Haratu waited a few seconds then turned to walk away from the intersection and back to his store, weaving through the crowd and the chaos as if running through a forest.
Behind him the tele-screens blurted with the news of new conquests over the wilderness.

Earthrise (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date:
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