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The Begining

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Haratu said...
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The light was dim and shone across the plain roof as if from numerous sources. It was a clean surface, without blemish or damage. He could not fathom what made the light or what surface it was, but he knew it was unnatural. He stopped thinking about the light and instead thought about the sound. There was some high pitched noises that started and stopped regularly, somewhere in his mind he knew these were called "beeps". To his, right, at least he thought that was the side called "right", he could hear some sort of rubbing sound. He deduced that it must be cloth, although he had no idea what cloth was.
'Are you awake?' A high pitched voice asked him. The voice came from the direction of the rubbing cloth.
He considered this and the words started making sense to him, slowly. He felt he should move something to help answer. He decided to move his mouth as it felt most natural to do.
'I am,' was his reply.
'Excellent, that is good news,' the voice seemed to have emotion, he decided it was happy, although its high pitch made it hard to determine, 'You are a very lucky man.'
He thought about this and realised he was a "man", he also decided that the voice belonged to a "woman", hence the high pitch. he decided to find if this person was a threat to him.
'Who are you?' He asked.
'Yes,' she began in response, 'I am Doctor Sarai and you can trust me.'
He did not know if this was true, but decided it better be or he might as well give up. he decided to focus on the other problems.
'Who am I?'
There was rustling near his, feet, he was begining to remember words better now.
'Says here you are a Captain, number 21033A3G.' the feminine voice appeared to have moved witht he rustling, forcing him to believe she was the one that had the rustling cloth on.
'Cap-tane?' he asked.
'Yes, you were killed during an attack on our defences.' she said, more rustling.
Images flashed through his head. A black, round object in his gloved hands, the meshed polymer-metal hydride defection suit reaching up his arms to wmbrace his muscled chest. People, running people. Children and parents swarming towards him from the distance, screaming words of desperation and fear. His gun, for that was what the blak object was, was raised and pointed at the screaming people. He shouted at them. Shouting.
'NO!' he screamed.
'What is it?' Sarai's voice sounded paniked and worried.
More images flashed in his mind, the weapon flared and feedback into his armpit, blasts erupting through the air towards the approaching citizens.
'STOP!' he screamed, this time moving more than his mouth, his face scrunching up in emotional pain.
'What is it?' a man's voice, a new one.
'He is recovering memories,' Sarai was moving quickly around him, 'Emotional shock.'
The images continued, the people exploding in blood and gore. Within moments the children, the women, the men, all lay dying on the ground. His gun stayed poised. Something else was coming, many more somethings.
'Apply Sorinshor-forty-two and 5 miligrams of D-nine,' the male voice sounded urgent in his requests, 'prepare for shock revival, looks like we gotta bypass the recovery.'
Mutants, mutants, they swarmed over the bodies he had created, , tearing limbs off those that still moved and boring forwards in almost manical glee. Captain Haratu Shinie opened fire again as the hordes trampled over him.
The bed was comfortable and neatly made, the edges still tucked in despite Haratu's movements in his sleep. It was the second day of his revival and his memories had mostly recovered. he had sat up in preperation of a visitor. He looked across the sparsly decorated room to the door which opened to allow Doctor Sarai through.
'Your visitor is here,' she said in her calm voice, 'I will be staying in case of any more emotional break outs.'
Sarai was, of course, referring to the numerous mental disturbances that had plagued the Captain's mind since he had been revived. Although rare, emotional feedback could sometimes happen in emotionally traumatic deaths. Haratu had barely considered this when his superior entered through the door.
The officer did not look the way a police officer would look, however anyone living in Continoma would know that he was in fact far superior than he looked.
'I hear you have signed a resignation,' the officer stated, not bothering to even sit down before stating his reason, 'I fist would like to state that we are not happy with this attitude and you are bordering on traitorous activities,' the man sat down before Sarai could, indicating he was in quite a rush.
' I assure you that I have no need to turn traitor to the Continoma," Haratu continued with a statement he had planned over the last two days, 'I merely do not believe I could support Continoma in my present state as a police officer, I believe I could support it in other ways.'
'Other ways? Such as joining the noir?' The man appeared to have slowed his demeanor for the moment, 'I am aware you have been visited by a Noir representative in the last twenty-four hours.'
Doctor Sarai looked down at her notebook and pretended to be doing something else.
Haratu looked at the dosctor and back to his visitor with indifference, 'The Noir were here only on the basis that I have determined that doing business with them may support the Continoma. They are unaware of the advantage I will gain for Continoma.'
'You are going into business for yourself?' the Officer appeared to be indifferent.
'No, for Continoma,' haratu kept hes face flat, 'I do this for Continoma.'
The Officer stood and rubbed his cheek on his collar, 'Very well, i will post that in my report, however I will require continous reports as to your business progresses.'
The Officer turned and walked out, closing the door behind him and obviously forgetting that Sarai was still in the room. Sarai had hardly moved, she just stared at haratu in amazement.
'Didn't you say to the other representative you were going to support the Noir in their resistance?' Sarai appeared curious,ot worried but .
Haratu smiled, 'I have come to realise that nothing has improved since the war,' Haratu moved his eyes to look at Sarai, 'In such warlike times only those companies that play both sides have the ability to suvive.'
Haratu's gaze did not diminish as he watched Sarai's response, he was hoping he had judged correctly, his entire plan hinged on it.
'But we can not become seperate to the two most powerful factions on Enterra, they wont allow it.'
Haratu lifted himself up, 'We?'
'Well,' Sarai shrigged, 'I suppose a hand in the cloning business will avoid any mishaps along the way.'
Ex-Captain Haratu Shinie winked, 'It is always good to have some free insurance.'

Earthrise (PC)

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